Geografia was formed in Australia in 2006, with the aim of bringing the techniques of complex systems analysis to how we plan for, develop and live in our cities, towns and regions. We now work around the country, as well as in SE Asia and Europe.

We are a multidisciplinary team conducting research and developing insights in demography, economics and spatial planning to inspire leaders and decision-makers to create a better future for communities around the world. We bring together more than one expert in a range of fields and techniques.

Geografia has been the recipient of multiple awards and prizes for work in economics, data analytics and digital innovation, including:

  • Planning Institute Australia 2015 - Best Planning Ideas - Large Project for Greater Launceston Plan

  • Economic Development Australia 2017 - Economic Development Initiatives - Rural & Remote - for Small Town, Big Data: Shire of Broome

  • Economic Development Australia 2018 - Digital Entrepreneurs - for Spendmapp

  • Urban Development Institute Australia NSW - City Life Labs $50,000 Prize - for City Analytics

  • The Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation and Science‚Äôs Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) 2019 - Feasibility Study funding for Tourism Revenue Impact Predictor (TRIP), the next generation of tourism impact prediction models